Soothing September…


Aaaah September.  I welcome you with open arms…but where the Dickens have you gone?

I admit, I look forward to the autumn months with childish glee for several reasons.  The children go back to school, the crunching of leaves underfoot on the school walk,  the weather starts to cool down and there is a freshness to the air.  Most of all, usually for me life begins to slow down in preparation for winter and the C word. It’s cool enough to enjoy my favourite comfort foods, and the stews, casseroles and crumbles that have been sorely missed through the summer months are back with huge hug.  Aaaah mashed swede, how I have missed you.

Now just as it seems to have arrived, so September is leaving us.  Life has been hectic here with the preparation for school, longed for visits to London and birthdays.  I fulfilled a dream to see my ultimate crush in person (within bottom pinching distance from me), and have visited one of the most beautiful stately homes in Hertfordshire.

During the hours I have spent alone while the kids have been at school, I’ve managed to achieve most of what I set out to do.  Two Christmas shorts have been accepted with the contracts signed, and the book info sheets filled in and sent back.  However come 1pm and I’m wiped.  Seems all the lack of sleep I have had during the past year has caught up with me.  So you will find me more often than none on the sofa cuddled up under a blanket with my eyes closed.  So that’s where September has gone.  In a blur of sleep and worrying about the kids.  I’m hoping Adam will settle down soon and have the great year eight we were talking about.

October will be here soon and so begins the Christmas prep, cakes, tins and jars of yummy stuff. Also the very long lists that need to be whittled down.

I guess the one thing that desperately needs to be done over the next month or so is Pann 2, so forgive me if I am awol for a while, but I need to do it.

TTFN and hugs xxxxxxxx


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