About Amanda J Ward Author of Refreshingly Romantic Quirky Tales

‘What You See Is What You Get’ would be the best way to describe Amanda. Born in Bexleyheath, England 1971, she is a wife and mother of seven children ranging in ages from her 21 year old daughter down to a spirited 3 year old son.  Life in her house is manic.  There is always unpredictablity and a disaster waiting round the next corner.  There is however,  plenty of love and laughter in the home Amanda shares with her wonderful comedic husband Matt and 3 youngest children  in Bedfordshire,  England.  In between school runs, housework and talking to her two cats, Amanda divides her time between writing, dreaming and watching her favourite films and television shows.  An unashamed addict of Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Gilmore Girls, Anne of Green Gables  and Doris Day musicals, as well as sharing her husband’s love of Science Fiction and superhero films.

Amanda is also passionate about history and her bookshelves are lined with books on the Royal Families of Europe and thick historical tomes.  Her love of romance novels began when she was snooping in her grandmother’s spare room where she found a Janet Dailey novel, from there her dream of becoming a published author began.  Her perfect afternoon would be spent watching a musical, drinking a pot of tea and munching on warm home-made cakes with her family.   Wife, mother, dreamer and lover.  Jill of all trades, master of none!

Author of the Pann Haggerty Series about an Englishwoman travelling around America in a campervan

Author of Without Saying A Word.  A Full length  novel featuring a Virginal Male Hero and an older woman Laura set in the Lake District of England.  To be released in September 2012














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